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Organically Grown Mauna Loa Coffee - A Taste Of Paradise

Hawaiian Kona coffee has long been more of a dream for many coffee lovers. Coffee connoisseurs deem organic Kona coffee as one of the best and most desired coffees in the world. Its silky-smooth texture with a pleasant aroma is so delicious that once you’ve tasted it, you never want to go back to any other bean.

The fertile and mineral-rich Kona district in Hawaii offers an ideal environment for growing coffee. Since the 1800s, the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa have been producing Kona Coffee beans which provide truly gourmet coffee.

Our farmers have been harvesting Kona Beans on the farms of the same volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa, carefully handpicking them and sifting through any deformities, bringing you the creme de la creme organic Kona Coffee beans, free of any deformities. 

Our expert farmers carefully pick every berry by hand, after which they are cleaned, sun-dried, roasted, and put into hygienic packaging.

Classification Of Kona

From our field to your cup, have a sip of paradise

Many people, when they hear the word ‘Hawaii,’ think of surfing, beaches, or exotic scenery. But, if you’re a coffee-lover, you probably think of ‘Kona Coffee.’ Kona is not just any coffee; it’s the King of all coffees. 

Our farmers understand the importance of Kona Coffee’s distinct smooth and creamy texture and rich aroma; hence we are dedicated to bringing you the very best quality to maximize the mind-stimulating effects of the beverage. 

We offer five grades of Coffee beans that pass the Hawaiian Agriculture System (HAS) inspection. One of the popular items we offer is our 72% semi-sweet rich, dark chocolate-covered peaberry beans, free from GMO and sialic, specially made for those who enjoy the flavors of organic chocolate and coffee together. 

To get your hands on the best Hawaiian Coffee, choose your desired coffee beans, place your order, and have a sip of paradise.

Pure Grades

From our farms on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa, we hand-pick the highest grades of pure raw coffee beans.

Wide Assortment

You can choose from a variety of beans to taste the subtle differences between our various roasts.

Proper Roasting

Kona Coffee’s farmers produce the finest grade of coffee beans by handpicking, sun drying, and roasting them to perfection.

High Quality

Every organic Kona bean that reaches your kitchen has been carefully handpicked, roasted, and packed to meet the highest standards of organic Kona Coffee.


Kona Coffee Direct - Drink of the gods

If heaven had a drink, it would be Kona coffee. Back in the time, Hawaiian coffee used to be unheard of outside the place and still is a rarity for much of the world. We are proud that we have made it possible for every household to enjoy the bold taste and rich aroma of Kona Coffee, which has been a work of decades and a worthwhile journey for us. 

When we began harvesting our cherries on the slopes of Mauna Loa, our sole aim was to make the rest of the world taste heaven. Our first step is to use our own pacification process of Kona and weed out the deformities in the bean. Later the bean is sun-dried and packed in durable packaging materials to preserve the original taste of Kona coffee. All the while, the sole aim is to bring the best to your table.

Over the years, we have cultivated and shipped Kona Coffee to thousands of customers worldwide, who are satisfied with the experience and talk positively about it.

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